A2 Control Parameters Tuning (англ)

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A2 Control Parameters Tuning (англ)

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Часто меня спрашивают за что отвечают те или иные пункты настройки полетного контроллера DJI A2
Ниже выкладываю информацию от производителя, думаю это будет полезно как новичкам так и продвинутым пользователям.


A2 Control Parameters Tuning

1. Base Parameters
1) Gain:Range: Front/back & Left/Right 40%~400%; Vertical 50%~250%
If too large, you will find the helicopter oscillating in the corresponding direction (About 5~10Hz). If too small, the helicopter will likely to be hard to control.
In GPS Atti. Mode and GPS Cruise Mode, if helicopter drifting on front/back or left/right direction for 2~5 meters, then increase 10% on the corresponding direction it drifts to until the helicopter getting oscillation. If helicopter vibrate on its vertical direction, then reduce vertical parameter by 10% until it get stable. If altitude drop and drift happens during sharp braking, then increase I -Vertical in advance parameters.
2) MAX Speed Limit:Range: Front/back 1.0~20.0 m/s & Left/Right 1.0~15.0 m/s
3) Agility:Range: 50%~200%
It determines the start-up speed from command stick, the bigger the value the faster the reaction. Increase it for sharper and quicker leveling action after command stick released. The control feeling will be stiffness and rigid if the value is too high; and sluggish leveling action and slow braking if too small.
4) Stick Delay:Range: 50%~200%
It determines the overall stick reaction speed, for example:
You push your roll stick to the maximum position your helicopter will tilt from leveling to 45 degrees, the smaller the number the quicker the transition.
2. Advance Parameters
1) Velocity Tracking:Range: Front/back & Left/Right 20.0%~250.0%; Vertical 20.0%~150.0%
The V parameter adjusts the tendency of motion during pilot commands. Higher V values cause the helicopter attitude to adjust more aggressively to obey command input. For instance, when a stick position command is given, a high V value causes the helicopter to have a relatively sharper angle in response. This allows the helicopter to reach the desired speed sooner, but sometimes the helicopter will become unstable and difficult to control. A low V value causes the helicopter to respond slower to stick position commands, even with very extreme stick positions.
One can say that the V parameter adjusts the tendency of motions, and the change of control feeling after the adjustments will be similar to the difference between using hard or soft rotor head. But V is not the sole influence on the time of respond, please note.
The V parameter adjusts the tendency of motions, and gain adjusts the feedback strength of such tendency. V is adjusted according to user preference, but gain has a theoretical best possible value.
2) I:Range: Front/Back & Left/Right & Vertical 0%~500%
The I parameter corresponds to consistent and accurate speed, or steady hovering, when the helicopter receives external disturbance. When the pilot gives a command through stick position, the helicopter might not be able to achieve the desired speed due to head wind. The larger the I value, the faster the helicopter will compensate and adjust for wind, while smaller I values may cause more time for the helicopter to reach the commanded speed.
Similarly, when the helicopter is hovering and wind blows the helicopter away from the hover point, the helicopter will gain a certain acceleration proportional to the I value to return to the hover point. The larger the I value, the sooner the helicopter will make this adjustment.
When the I value is too low, the helicopter will drift within a certain range, similar to what happens when a gain parameter is too low.
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