DJI NAZA Control Parameters Tuning (англ)

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DJI NAZA Control Parameters Tuning (англ)

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Ниже разъяснение пареметров настройки DJI Naza от производителя:

Usually, the default parameters are ready to go. However, different multi rotors have different gains because of different size, ESC, motor and propeller. If gain is too large, you will find the multi rotoroscillating in the corresponding direction (About 5~10Hz). If too small, the multi rotorwill likely to be hard to control. So you can still setup the basic Gain of Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Vertical manually according to your multi rotor to have a wonderful fly experience. We suggest you to change 10% to 15% of the parameter at a time.

1) Basic Gain
Pitch and Roll: To the gains of Pitch and Roll, if you release the Pitch or Roll stick after command stick, multi-rotor should be back to hovering state. If the reaction of multi-rotor in this procedure is too soft (large delay), please increase the basic gain slowly (10%-15% each time) until vibration emerges after you release the stick. Then decrease the gain a little until vibration just disappears. Now the gain is perfect, but the reaction of the attitude change is slow. You can follow the way introduced at the end of this section to tune the attitude gains.
Yaw:The way of tuning the Yaw gain is the same as the way of adjusting the Tail Gyro. If you want fast stick reaction speed, increase the gain, otherwise decrease the gain. However, the spin of multi-rotor is produced by the counter torque force, and the magnitude of which is limited. Therefore, large gain will not produce tail vibration like helicopter, but severe reaction at the start or stop of motors, which will affect the stabilization of the other directions.
Vertical: You use two methods to judge if the Vertical gain is good enough: 1) The multi-rotor can lock the altitude when the throttle stick is at center position; 2) The change of altitude is small during the flight along a route. You can increase the gain slowly (10% each time) until the vibration emerges along the vertical direction or the reaction of throttle stick is too sensitive, then decrease 20% of the gain. Now it is a suitable Vertical gain.

2) Attitude Gain
Attitude gains determine the reaction speed of attitude from command stick, the bigger the value the quicker the reaction. Increase it for sharper and quicker leveling action after command stick released. The control feeling will be stiffness and rigid if the value is too high; and sluggish leveling action and slow braking if too small.


You must click Default button in first setup parameter, and subsequence firmware upgrade.
The vertical gain will NOT affect the manual mode.

If you are a fresh player, you can tune the basic parameters first as following:
1. Increase the basic parameters 10% at a time so as to make your multi rotor hover or light oscillate after small angular command input.
2. Decrease the basic parameters until your multi rotor can just hover, then decrease 10% more.
If the basic parameters are far away from the proper value, the advanced parameters will not work.
Here you can make use of remote gain-tuning channels to tune the gains during the flight:
1. Followed the instructions in “Assembly” R/C System section to connect and setup correctly;
2. Choose the X2 or X3 channel in Remote Adjust for the gain you want to tune. One channel to one gain.
3. The range of remote tuning is from half current value to twice current value.
Usually the Pitch, Roll, Attitude Pitch and Attitude Roll Gains of hexa-rotor are higher thanquad-rotor.
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